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02.12.19 (The Gym)

I don’t know how I ended up there. I don’t remember. Maybe it was an ad in the paper. Back then, when that was the only way to find a job. I took the subway downtown. It opened into Pershing … Continue reading


There are energies at work that we don’t quite understand. When I was young I had an intense feeling of unreality that would overcome me. Overcome is not the right word, really–it was a sensation both pleasant and strange. I … Continue reading


I’m trying to find an alternative way to sell my books. It’s not easy being an independent author; as a kid I used to dream of this, of controlling my own destiny. I went to one of the finest art … Continue reading


Stopped by the Skipper last night. They say it’s an Irish bar but there is no indication of Irish-ness in the decor, the drinks, the clientele, or anything. I had some strong beers and some conversation. I usually only pop … Continue reading